How the Air Conditioner's Auto-Evaporation Function Works

Many people use air conditioning to cool down in the heat of summer. There are many types of air conditioning units available on the market.

Some air conditioners cool the whole house. Another type of air conditioner is the window-conditioner, which cools only one room.

Portable air conditioners can be used to cool down, and may even have an auto-evaporation feature.

Portable Air-Conditioner Features

A portable air conditioner looks like a small heater. These air conditioners perform the same as larger windows.

Air conditioners are surrounded by hot, humid air. The components of the machine effectively remove humidity or moisture from the atmosphere and cool the air before it is released into the room. The vent is usually located near a window and allows hot air to be expelled.

Auto Evaporation

Also known as self-evaporation, auto evaporation is also called self-evaporation. These portable air conditioners effectively recycle the air's remaining moisture and eliminate the need to remove it using a bucket, drainage hose or any other method.

The humidity from the air is absorbed by the coils and cools them. Any remaining moisture is vented to the exhaust for evaporation.

Consider using one of the top fully self-evaporating portable air conditioner models if you don't wish to empty your cooling unit’s full water tank.

These types of units don’t require frequent draining. The units are equipped with an internal condensation exhaust to remove moisture from the cooling and dehumidification processes. The hot exhaust air and water vapor are then released through a hose.

The benefits of a portable self-evaporating air conditioner are numerous, which we'll discuss in the following section. You must consider several factors before you are able to choose the best unit.

How Self-Evaporating Portable Air Conditioners Work

The portable self-evaporating air conditioner works in a different way to conventional air conditioners. The portable air conditioners condense the moisture in the air and cycle it through the cooling system for greater cooling efficiency.

Once that's done, the unit re-evaporates the moisture and expels it into its hot exhaust vent. This heats up the air, dispersing any remaining moisture with hot, which is a natural by-product.

The user doesn't need any extra water to empty the container, since the majority of moisture that formed during cooling has already been eliminated. Also, self-evaporating air conditioning units are more energy-efficient.

Do You Need a Portable, Fully-Evaporative Air Conditioner?

It all depends on what you like. If you find yourself constantly emptying your AC unit's water-catcher tray, it is time to get a fully-evaporative portable conditioner.

This type will keep you cool and comfortable in the summer heat. You don't have to drain your AC unit's hoses or water-catching tray with an evaporative conditioner.

It is a super-cool type air conditioner that efficiently re-evaporates all the moisture it has condensed. It can be expelled through the vent hose and sent outside.


Aside from blowing cool air in a room, air conditioners can also move moisture out of the room and into an air conditioning unit.

This is where the problem lies. Because they remove moisture automatically, self-evaporating ACs are rapidly becoming popular.

A portable self-evaporating air conditioner offers the benefit of not needing to empty the water collection tank manually as with traditional air conditioning units.

Since water doesn’t drip from the rear of self-evaporating ACs, they are called "no-drip" units.

This happens because the AC unit uses half the condensed liquid to cool the cooling coils.

The auto evaporation function increases the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Because the coils of the conditioner are mostly cooled by recycled moisture, they use less energy. The extra moisture cooling helps to speed up the cooling process in a room.


Extreme humidity is a problem with the auto-evaporation function. The humidity must be high so that the air conditioner can evaporate all moisture.

Therefore, the water tank of the air-conditioner will hold any excess moisture after the auto evaporation feature is turned off.

When the water tank has reached its capacity, the sensors of the air conditioner will turn off the machine. To make the portable air conditioner work again, it must be empty.


There are many sizes of portable air conditioners that can be used to cool different rooms. Portable air conditioners with larger coil assemblies will be more powerful.

This will allow the air conditioner to retain more air moisture than smaller portable units.

Consumer Search says that portable air conditioners are not as effective at cooling a room than a similar window unit. For a small area, a bigger portable air conditioner will be more effective than a smaller unit.


Check that your portable air conditioner has an automatic evaporation function and a water tank before you buy.

Many units don't have this feature, or offer a backup storage tank in case of high humidity. Every manufacturer has a different air conditioning design. It is important that the consumer confirms all features before buying.

You should ensure that your next portable conditioner comes with an auto evaporation option.